On passage to Lord Howe island

Posted 19 Sunday 2012
  30 57 S by 155 31 E

I am at the present moment motor sailing towards Lord Howe, where I should arrive some time on Tuesday. I would rather be sailing, but at the same time I do not mind the motor as it gives me a chance to do emails, weather, position reports and basically getting use sailing alone. So far it has been good, but off course I did not payed my school fees to King Neptune as yet which will happen sooner or later.

Cirrus clouds aloft, coming from the South West moving to North East, which I believe will bring winds; the grib files confirm this. The seas are calm with a large ocean swell, less than half meter high, barely a ripple on the surface and the color, a deep blue, that one only encounters in high seas.

In this doldrums type of conditions, life is easy a bit boring, but I guess beats the alternative. I am steaming on the height of cyclone season, but so far this year staying away from the Tasman sea. The situation can change very quickly, consequently time and speed are essential.

Vida Nova is pressing on.

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