Bundaberg, Australia

Posted 18 November 2011

Our arrival in Bundaberg was a very positive experience. The Port2Port Yacht rally co-ordinates with the Australian authorities so that they know exactly when you will arrive in port. This service speeds up the clearing into the country. We had no problems and everything went smoothly. We were also welcomed by a Port2Port Yacht Rally representative with all kinds of literature and goodies. Port2Port Yacht rally done a fantastic job promoting Bundaberg as the port of entry. They published the magazine 'Gateway, Port Bundaberg' that was distributed across the South Pacific. The magazine is great and had confirm our plans for clearing into the country in Bundaberg.

The winds are predominately from the south east, east or north east in October/November which makes Bundaberg a perfect sailing destination from Vanuatu or New Caledonia. A lot of sailors goes to New Zealand and have to deal with stronger winds and a lot of time with winds on the nose. The distance is also greater. We are very glad that we came to Bundaberg.

Bundaberg Port Marina facilities are excellent and the staff doing a fantastic job. We have everything close at hand, from the sail maker, boatyard, electrical service, grocery store fish shop, restaurants, chandelier and much more. The marina also runs a courtesy bus into Bundaberg town.

Dinis's friend Steve that worked with him in Vancouver and his wife Pam visited us as well. It was great catching up again and spend some time together. We visited the Air Museum and had fun trying all the interactive tools. The following day we went for a motor up the river to Bundaberg town.

Bundaberg has been quite exciting for all, this last week. 2 of our fellow Port2Port sailors have been arrested in one of Australia's biggest cocaine busts, 300 kg. It took us all by surprise as the Spanish couple gave no indication of anything out of the ordinary. A few days before we all attended a pirates pot luck dinner organized by Port2Port for us and they were among the prize winners for the best dressed pirates. Quite ironic. They have been to court and if convicted they face life imprisonment.

We are still waiting to hear from Morgan as to when he will arrive in Australia. He is currently in Vietnam and hopefully will let us know soon. We are really looking forward to his visit.